Maridaliz Rodríguez

ORCID #0000-0003-1710-9443MARIDALIZ

M.T. (ASCP), Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

M.A., Universidad Central del Caribe

B.S., University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón   


Academic Program

Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Biology



Microbiology and Immunology



Rodríguez-Rosado M, Ríos E, Rodríguez JW. The Role of Antioxidants Abrogate Meth-Induce HIV-1 Replication and Oxidative Stress in Human Glial Cells.  2nd Puerto Rico Cell Signaling Meeting. San Juan, PR (April 2015). 

Rodríguez-Rosado M, Tobwala S, Ríos E, Ercal N, Rodríguez JW. (2012) Effects of N-Acetylcysteine amide (NACA) on Methamphetamine and HIV-1 Tat-induced Oxidative Stress in Glial Cells.

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