Ricardo Carrero

ORCID #0000-0002-5070-1011Ricardo-Carrero-fm-s-150x150

B.S., Universidad Pontificia Católica   


Academic Program

Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Biology



Microbiology and Immunology 





Carrero RJ, Ramos Y, López S, Alves J, Escobales H, Rodríguez M, Cubano L, Boukli N.  Proteomics Approach of Alcohol Induced ER Stress in Human Microglia Cell.  11th CMBC, NRC & SNRP Annual Retreat. Bayamón, PR. (May 2013) 

Carrero R, Escobales H, Escobales L, López S, Alves J, Boukli NM. HIV Induce Differential Interclade Human Neuronal Responses by Proteomics Fingerprinting.  10th CMBC, NRC & SNRP Annual Retreat.  (May 2012).

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