Gabriel Sánchez

ORCID #0000-0002-1168-2268 IMG_4458-150x150

B.S., Interamerican University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon


Academic Program

Ph.D. Neuroscience








Sánchez GE, Rivera García LG, Castro W, Martins AH, Sabeva N, Ferchmin PA, Eterovic VA, Ferrer Acosta Y. Effect of a nicotinic receptor blocker in murine astrocyte primary culture after an ischemic model. 2017 Society for Neuroscience. Washington, DC (November 2017)

Sánchez G, Eterovic V, Ferrer Y. Effect of a Nicotinic Receptor Blocker in Murine Astrocyte Primary Culture after Induced Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation. 25th Puerto Rico Neuroscience Conference. San Juan, PR (December 2016)

Sánchez G. Neuronal RAR-beta Signaling Modulates PTEN Activity Directly in Neurons and Via Exosome Transfer in Astrocytes to Prevent Glial Scar Formation and Induce Spinal Cord Regeneration. SNRP Research Seminar. Bayamon, PR (April 2016).

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