Hiram Escobales

Hiram-Escobales-filteredB.S., Universidad Adventista


Academic Program

MA Cell Biology







Escobales H, Escobales L, Carrero R, López S, Alves J, Boukli NM. Effects of Curcuma Longa and Coloris Versicolor (PSP) Extracts on Prostate Cancer: A proteomics Based Study. 10th CMBC, NRC & SNRP Annual Retreat. (May 2012). 

Escobales-Filippetti HD, Rodríguez M, Rodríguez JW, Escobales-Fillippetti LA, Alves J, Cubano LA, Boukli NM. HIV-1B and C Dependent Anti-And Pro-Apoptotic Responses in Microglia. 13th RCMI International Symposium. San Juan, PR (December 2012).

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